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Kuranda Beds!

Donate a sturdy, comfortable, colorful bed for the companion animals awaiting new homes at our Harnett County Shelter. These beds not only provide comfort to the pets, they help to create a more inviting atmosphere for potential adopters by easing animal stress and, of course, bringing a smile to the faces of visitors.

If you’d like to donate a Kuranda bed, click this link or the button below to access a customized page for our shelter. Kuranda discounts beds donated through the customized donate link and will be delivered directly our shelter. The sizes and colors used by our shelter are the options shown on the page so you can be assured you are ordering correctly.  Or contribute to this Chip-In and we will combine orders and save on shipping!  Note: it’s important that you order beds through the customized link on this page. It contains the correct sizes/colors that are needed, will ship directly to the shelter AND you’ll receive a discount!

Donate a Bed