Fundraising Tips and Tricks

square picMeet the CHALLENGE!

The Dog Jog event is more than just a great time!  It is a benefit to support solutions to our community’s pet homelessness. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our animals and our residents as we work to responsibly decrease the number of homeless pets through spay/neuter, promoting the adoption of shelter pets, providing resources to pet owners during hardship and humane education.  Get friends, family and coworkers involved by asking them to sponsor you in the 5k/Dog Walk and support what you believe in.  We bet they will be proud to sponsor you! Just a small amount of money from a handful of people you know will quickly add up and with your help, we’ll be that much closer to our goals.

Set Your Fundraising Goals

A goal will motivate you and keep you going.  The sky’s the limit.  Be sure to keep everyone you know updated on how close you are to your goal. They’ll want to help you get there if you give them a reason why it’s so important to you.


You can meet your goal by breaking it down into smaller goals. You can start with a goal that is something like asking 10 friends for $25 for a total of $250.  Once you’ve hit that goal –aim even higher.  Here’s an example of how to reach $1,000 in just a few easy steps.

1. Make a personal gift = $ 50
2. Ask 5 co-workers to give $10 =  $ 50
3. Ask your company to sponsor you = $ 250
4. Host a fundraiser &ask 10 guests to bring $25 donations = $ 250
5. Ask a local coffee shop to collect change for you = $ 100
6. Ask 10 friends to give donate $10 online = $ 100
7. Ask 10 family members to donate $15 online = $ 150
8. Ask 5 neighbors for $10 each = $ 50
Total Raised $ 1,000

Create Your Fundraising Page

Your personal fundraising page is a great way to tell your story, track your progress, share your fundraiser and give kudos to your donors!  You’ve set your fundraising goal and now it’s time to make it really clear why it’s so important for you to hit your goal. Let people know why this is important to you.

You can also add donations received offline (like checks or cash) to your fundraising page!  Just click on the “Give Now” button on your personalized page, complete the fields and click the checkbox labeled “This donation was collected offline” (note: this checkbox is not visible unless you are logged-in to your page).  To get started, go here “Create Your Own Page

Encourage others to join your team and increase your fundraising success!

Start Fundraising

The key to fundraising is simple –ask.  You’ll be amazed at how many people will support you if you just ask them. If you complete the following steps, you will reach your personal goal!

  • Donate to yourself.  It shows your donors you’re right there with them.
  • Email family and friends at least 3 times –emailing a link to your fundraising page from whatever email program you use everyday will always work the best. Update them on your progress and watch the donations roll in.
    • Decide who you are going to email.  The more people you reach out to, the more likely you are to get donations.
    • First send your email to a group of people you’re sure will donate.  This will boost your fundraising total, which excites potential donors.
    • Now that you’ve raised a little money, send your message to your full list.  Thank people as they donate.

    Tips for crafting your email message:  Put the most important information first: why you’re doing it and how to donate. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet.  Make it personal. Make sure there is a direct ask like “Please donate now to support my efforts”

  • Share your fundraiser page on all of your social networks. It’s easy using the sharing links on your personal fundraising page.
  • Get matching gifts!  Many companies match gifts will match gifts made by employees.
  • Ask a local business you frequent for a donation.  You shop there every week and are part of the reason for their success.  Ask your favorite restaurant, cleaners, grocery, pet shop or clothing store to support your goal.  Maybe offer them a supporter sign or to wear their shirt during the walk.
  • Snail Mail.  Cards and letters are great ways to reach people who want to give but don’t use email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Be sure to include an address to mail checks —or include the Donation Form.  We’ll update your team page with the donation amount when received.
  • Consider other potential donors: neighbors, landlord, doctor, realtor, hair stylist, waiter/waitress/bartender (ask them to donate a day’s tips)

Remember to thank every individual that helps you reach your goal and provide updates on your progress.


Pledge Form (for collecting/recording multiple donations)

Donation Form (for individual offline donations)

Donations collected offline can be mailed to: HAWC – Dog Jog, PO Box 1324, Lillington, NC  27546

Create Your Fundraising Page Here